Welcome August: New Beginnings

Hey Glam Fam!

Who's ready to rock and roll into a new month? I know I am. I am always in good spirits by the time August rolls around because the number 8 signifies New Beginnings. Once August is done, we head into fall (cooler temps) and we definitely need a cool breeze with the summer we've had. Raise your hand if you agree!

How to have an Amazing Month:

*Boss Up! - Don't Shrink, Stand out!

*Walk in Boldness - Own your Awesomeness! Never Cocky, Always Confident!

*Practice Your "I AM" affirmations, so in the moments you need them most, you will be able to recall them easily.  Practice makes Progress (not perfection). Perfection is an unrealistic goal-- In my opinion. Your "I AM" affirmations should include anything you want to be/become. It is also helpful to practice these looking in the mirror and speaking them out loud. That way they begin to sink in and become believable; especially if you're new at this

Affirmation cards are helpful as well if you don't know where to start.

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I hope this post has left you inspired. Don't forget to leave a trail of GOLD DUST as you SPARKLE each day!



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